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Off Grid Battery Solar Guru
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Time to get on top of your battery needs?
Ask Battery Solar Guru about next generation litihium options.
Take charge of your solar battery system like never before, enjoy the increased safety provided by next gen lithium batteries.
Stop loosing batteries due to balancing management issues with our included Battery Management System. 


Off Grid Battery Solar Guru is based in Ipswich.
Servicing South East Queensland and beyond.
Contact Battery Solar Guru on 0408 738 228 to discuss your project needs.
Install  anything solar
Battery bank’s
solar panels


Off-grid/Back up power specialist. Batteries inverters solar panels and everything needed in between to make it work. No government subsidies no big companies no salespeople no bullshit.
Don’t rely on the power companies anymore
Produce and consume all your power no feed in we have the technology don’t rely on power companies for your electricity

Free Technical Support on all purchases

Battery Solar Guru will not leave you hanging. We offer Free Technical Support on all purchases. Battery Solar Guru provides full after sales service.

Guaranteed super low prices!

We sell High Quality LiFePO4 Batteries in Australia
made locally in Brisbane.

Know more about our LiFePO4 Batteries by visiting our shop catalogue

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Battery Solar Guru recommens Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the safest lithium battery option on the market.

Lithium batteries outperform AGM batteries by weight, usability and durability. You can actually use most of the energy stored in these batteries as opposed to and AGM battery which you cannot cycle like lithium. These batteries will outperform in terms of usability and life cycle. The latest range of lithium battery packs we offer come inclusive of their own BMS (Battery Management System).

The latest generation lithium batteries we use are assembled locally in Ipswich and are produced in Logan – true Queeenslander Solar batteries.